Who I am:

I am Marianne Herr, born and raised in Switzerland. I have been living with my husband, Guenter, and our sons in Germany for more than twenty years.

I always felt that my calling was to help people overcome obstacles in their lives so they could pursue their unique, God-given purposes. However, I struggled with my own obstacles, mainly the focus on “religion” over a relationship with God.

I started my career in nursing, and later earned my Ph.D. in anthropology. However, this work was not personally fulfilling and did not give me the tools needed to help people how I felt called to.

Along the way, I became an ordained minister. This allowed me to knit together my faith and my intellectual knowledge, so I could use both to assist Believers in many areas of their lives.

Years later, I discovered life coaching, and realized that this was the best way to assist Christians in pursuing dreams, desires, and a life of greater fulfillment. I became certified through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) to learn how to apply my knowledge and experience to helping Believers.

My journey may seem remarkable, but I was focused on my performance and “pleasing God” and not on knowing God’s love for me. It was only when I was at the end of my rope, several times, that I learned to walk with God and let Him guide me through challenging times. I was never taught how to do this in church; I had to learn the hard way.

I designed the Created For More life coaching program to help Christians find clarity in their lives and develop into the people God created them to be. I want to share what is not taught in churches so that Christians can stop trying to do things for God and let Him do things through them.

My life verse has been John 10:10b: “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better than they ever dreamed of.”

I have gone from uncertainty to confidence, insecurity to clarity, and anxiety to competence. In my case, it was a long process. Let it be a shorter journey for you. Let’s connect for a free Created For More session.

“You are an articulate teacher. The teaching gift of Jesus is on you. You are a woman of prudence. You will give prudent counsel. A pure heart.”
James Goll
God Encounters Ministry

Although I lived, worked, and studied in London for nine years, my mother tongue is German.

My knowledge of different languages and cultures and my in-depth study of human identity when changing cultural settings enable me to understand the human experience broadly.

My Ph.D. thesis in anthropology addresses the issues of changing culture. I studied how people react when life changes happen and how we best remove any hindrances that circumstances might put in our way.

CV / Résumé:
Certified Life Coach through PCCI (Professional Christian Coaching Institute)
Certified Sozo Transformation Minister, Bethel Church, California
Certifications for biblical studies at Deeper Christian Life University
School of the Prophets in Switzerland
Ordained Minister of the Gospel, Kingsway Fellowship International
Ph.D. in Anthropology, on Embodiment and Perception
Medical Anthropology at Brunel University West London, MSc

Who you are:

You are a Christian who believes God has given you a dream to pursue. You probably want to make a positive change in the world. The problem is, you don’t know how to start, you feel it’s too late to start, or you aren’t sure you’re called or equipped.

In your personal life, your job, relationships, and day-to-day living could be better. You might be comparing yourself to others who seem to effortlessly make great progress in life, wondering why it can’t be so easy for you. You might feel like you have to put on a mask for other people. And you may not feel very close to God right now.

You feel that there’s something missing, something more to life. You’ve tried to figure it out on your own but aren’t much farther along than when you started. You may not be sure what to do next.

If you’re ready to live the full and satisfying life that God has created you to have… to discover and pursue the dreams He has given you… to live as your genuine self and bless others in the process… I want to accompany you on that journey.

Schedule a free Created For More session with me to start learning how God has created you for more.

Start discovering the wonderful life God has created you for.

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