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Coaching will move you from being dissatisfied to a greater level of a life lived to the full.

We will journey together to your bright future.

Coaching will help you change how you think and feel about yourself and your world. Consequently, your thinking, speaking, and acting will overcome any hindrance in your life. Great potential might still need to be discovered, refined, and used.

Understanding how God sees you believes in you, and thinks about you will empower truth and strength to become whom God designed you to be.

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We can meet in person or online if you live in my area.

Book a free space on Calendly that works with your schedule. You will receive a zoom link.

Please keep to our schedule.

Our first meeting will be an inquiry session.

During this session, we will discuss the coaching procedures and payment.


We will meet online if we cannot connect in person or if you wish to meet online anyhow.

Book a free space on calendly that works with your schedule. You will receive a zoom link.

Please keep to our schedule.

Our first meeting will be an inquiry session.

During this session, we will discuss the coaching procedures and payment.

In a Group

At this moment, I do not offer Group Coaching Sessions.


Pursue your dreams

change your life

discover your purpose


Foundation Course for a Life of Success

Fear will diminish with God at your side, failure turns into victory, and limitations expand.

Learn to trust God and experience His unconditional love, power and help towards you at all times.

God is good and forgives when we turn to Him with all our hearts.

Challenging times will happen, but with God as our invisible guide and protector, we can confidently venture into the yet unknown and bright future.

Trusting and resting in God will be your permanent source of strength no matter what.

Understand Culture and Prepare to Encounter Other Cultures

The way we grew up shaped our way of seeing and experiencing ourselves in our world; consequently, other cultural forms of living appear strange. A basic understanding of perception and interpretation will help avoid any disconnect when encountering people who grew up in different cultural settings.

The course will address the following subjects:

• All human beings have a lot in common, yet we value and interpret our commonalities differently; the case of ethnocentricity;

• What are cultures? Are they static or dynamic?

• Cultures are not national; there are regional varieties of culture;

• How we acquired our cultural values and meanings;

• Teach the word of God using the culture’s examples;

• Be mindful of a culture’s history;

• Different social and power structures in other cultures;

• What Western women might need to consider when going abroad;

• Embodiment, how other cultures understand and deal with the human body;

• Being healthy or sick in the cultural context; the individual, the person, the family, the village

• Time, nearness, and distance

• Religion, mythical thinking, rituals culture

• The hidden Christ in ever

• What we can learn from other cultures

acquire knowledge

closer relationship with god

serve other people

Public Speaking

You can invite me to come and speak. Here are some of my favorite subjects:

Knowing unconditional love and peace;

The believer’s identity and rightful position;

God-given gifts to change the world;

Persevere and rest during challenging times, deepen your faith;

Becoming a believer is stepping into Kingdom culture;

Nothing you do, good or bad, will ever separate you from God’s unconditional love. He loved us first and poured his love into our hearts. That is the reason for loving him.

Your originality is God’s opportunity.

Your gifts and unique biography are God’s tools to show His love and care for a needy world.

Christ in you and you in Christ permits you to be seated in heavenly places.

From this perspective, challenges will be stepping stones on your journey towards greatness and success.

Knowing the truth will help you persevere even when the going gets tough.

Nothing is ever in vain.

When challenges stop you, God will create away and lead you through. He has promised never to leave you or forsake you. He will accompany you through mountain experiences and any valley of the shadow of death. These times are precious because they help deepen your roots of faith that will turn into immovable trust.

knowing your value

vocational alignment

stand in faith no matter what

Vision Board Workshop

Visualize the life of your dreams and celebrate your achievements.

Every participant creates a collage with pictures, writings, photos, and other creative means.

It will become your vision board, depicting personal dreams and desired achievements.


Hung up to be looked at several times a day, it becomes a powerful reminder to pray and believe what you see you will achieve.

make your dreams visible

discover your creativity

clebrate your achievements