Frequently Asked Questions

Created For More is a coaching program that helps Christians discover their unique calling, gifts, and skills so they can start living the purposeful life God has created them for.

Many Christians see injustices or have ideas about how to make the world a better place. It’s easy to feel inadequate to make a difference though. We learn that we are to be “salt and light” but not how.

Created For More helps Believers identify their talents, knowledge, and skills that God has given them so they can start making a difference in the world around them.

Anyone can benefit from Created For More, as long as they are aware that the Christian worldview and values are the central focus.

As the client, particularly in the one-on-one program, you can choose how you want to focus your coaching. All coaching is Bible-based but I will never enforce my faith on you. If you want to be coached in areas that strongly contradict what the Bible says, I would kindly ask you to seek another coach. The free session is available to clarify any questions you might have about coaching before committing to the program.

Yes. Created For More is rooted in God’s Word and supplemented by scientific research that confirms what the Bible says.

No. You do not need to change your job or vocation unless you feel God is calling you to do so.

Your mission is whatever God has placed on your heart to do, and your mission field is where He has placed you to do it: perhaps your home, neighborhood, or nine-to-five job.

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light anytime, anywhere. The Created For More program will help you see how much God loves you and how much He has entrusted you with your unique assignment. He loves you more than you can imagine, and it gives Him great joy to see you flourish, succeed in your home and workplace, and play your part in bringing in the Kingdom of God.

Even in a very ordinary occupation, you are in a position of significant spiritual influence. For every prominent Christian figure like Mother Teresa or Billy Graham, there are millions of Christians being faithful witnesses in everyday life.

We all have different assignments. I compare it to a puzzle, where we are all created as different pieces that fit perfectly in the place God has designed us to fit into the bigger picture.

If you feel inadequate or unworthy, like you need to be more or doing more, Created For More will help you identify if these feelings are God calling you to something greater or help you find purpose in your current stage of life.

All coaching is done online through a Zoom call or similar. If we happen to live in the same vicinity, we can also arrange for in-person coaching.
One-on-one coaching is very individualized. I provide a coaching program to follow, but you can choose the coaching topics and how long to stay on one subject. I can also make recommendations on areas for us to focus on.

Group coaching is an online coaching format with three to seven people. If you sign up for group coaching, you will be added to a new group if enough people have signed up. If there are not enough people available to form a new group, I will add you to a waitlist until more people have signed up.

Group coaching meets twice a month for four months. We will discuss a new topic every month. Usually, I will teach for a few minutes and then we will discuss personal applications as a group. I may suggest “homework” such as books to read or studying specific passages in the Bible.

Group coaching can end after four months, or we can continue meeting regularly to dig deeper.

If you sign up for group coaching, I will coach you with others who have also registered. If you and several friends would like to have an exclusive coaching group or join a group together, we can do that.

All my programs focus on developing a deep, intimate, close relationship with God. Knowing who you are, how God has equipped you, and what He has assigned you to accomplish will give you courage, boldness, joy, and perseverance in pursuing your God-given dreams and purpose.

You will experience joy and fulfillment because you’re pursuing what you were called to do.

You will find satisfaction in ministering Christ to others in your God-assigned way.

You will be blessed in blessing others.

You will be able to help others pursue their dreams and assignments. Your efforts will multiply!

You are probably ready for coaching if:

  • You have been doing things the same way for a long time and are ready for different results.
  • You feel like you need someone to share your burdens with, someone who will help you along the path to organizing your life and experiencing deep purpose every day.
  • You are willing to put in the effort to change the way you look at things and at yourself.

Sometimes, you may not know. This is why I offer a free first session with you, so I can help you determine if coaching would help you, and if so, what kind.

There is no required homework or follow-up work. You decide how much extra work you want to put in.

However, the topics we study will call for you to seek the Lord for yourself in prayer, listening prayer, and Bible study. Your results in coaching will largely depend on what you do outside of coaching.

You and I will create your personalized plan together. In the free session, we will find out which type of coaching would be best for you and your current situation.

Your personalized plan will become more apparent as you dive into God’s plan for your life. Once we start with coaching, you will see yourself more clearly in God’s eyes, find out what gift mix God provided for you, and what the assignments are that fit your personality best.

Coaching is not a commodity. It is an interactive process between the two of us. As such, I do not offer refunds for coaching.

What you get out of coaching and apply to your life, either in the group or in the individual process, is up to you.

The group coaching program lasts four months. I recommend that every participant stays for that amount of time. If the group wishes to continue after four months, we will discuss the possibilities.

The one-on-one coaching program also lasts four months. However, this program is more flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Start discovering the wonderful life God has created you for.

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