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Trading Religion for Relationship

From Battles to Encounters with the loving Father

The book’s underlying theme is that God loves us more than we can ever comprehend and that He is seeking a heart-to-heart relationship with His children rather than a working- or business-type relationship.

The author recounts how three challenging phases in her life helped her finally understand that God is not after a performance; he is not impressed when trying to live a perfect life out of our strength. Such endeavors will fail again and again.

The three stories talk about:

  • Experiencing God’s unconditional Love despite a wrong decision;
  • Resting in God’s presence prevented a total burnout;
  • God is pleased when we rest in his presence;
  • Finding hope within a situation that felt hopeless;
  • Joy replacing despair;
  • Living in an ongoing and yielded Intimate Relationship with God;
  • Living in His Presence instead of performing Religious Duties;
  • Harmony and peace no matter the circumstances.

Would you like to experience God’s Love more profoundly?

If you want to have more resources, I have an E-Book available for you on Amazon.

The Kindle eBook is available on Amazon for $2.99


Booklet (PDF)

Created for More

Three Steps and 24 Questions to Move you
forward and Change your World

The Free Download encourages the reader to make changes toward a successful life.

Three steps,

  1. Changing Perspective,
  2. Changing Perception,
  3. Changing Thinking-Feeling-Acting

will move you towards more confidence and assurance to reach your goal and fulfill your purpose.

Twenty-four questions will challenge you if your mindset aligns with God’s purpose for your life.

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From Crisis to Peace

Living Victoriously through Challenging Times

A Devotional

The 31 days interactive Devotional can be repeated month after month.

The reader can apply the pattern of the Devotional to all areas in life.

A few benefits from working with the Devotional:

  • become closer to God while navigating and sailing through difficult periods in life using the Word of God as guiding lights;
  • Use proven instruction on how and where to receive Help, Peace, and Comfort;
  • Work with suggested Bible verses for 31 days;
  • Learn how to deal with challenging life situations;
  • Gain a more profound and personal understanding of the promises of God;
  • Your consolation and confidence in God’s word will increase;
  • Deepening faith, inner peace, and rising joy;

Would you like to know more about how to stir more peacefully through life during challenging times? If you want to have more resources, I have an Ebook available for you on Amazon.

The Kindle eBook is available on Amazon for $2,99


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