“As a lead pastor, I highly recommend Marianne Herr´s devotional. Her book inspired me and kept me focused on God and His Word. It not only reminded me of His promises, but more importantly, of how God's Word is to have application in my life. I also found it encouraging, not only when a crisis or problem comes, but in my daily life.”
Pastor Mike Griffith


From Crisis to Peace

Living Victoriously through Challenging Times

A Devotional

Life is full of adversity, and we never know when or how we’ll face it. Most Christians try to rely on their own abilities to overcome challenges, or have a crisis of faith when they feel God has abandoned them. But neither approach honors God or helps us get through tough times as He wants us to.

From Crisis to Peace is a 31-day, interactive devotional that will equip you to experience God’s “peace beyond all understanding” for any situation that life throws your way.

In just a few minutes of reading, prayer, and reflection each day, learn how to:

  • Become closer to God and sail through difficult periods using the Word of God as your guiding light
  • Pray for and receive God’s Help, Peace, and Comfort
  • Meditate on promises from the Bible
  • Face life’s challenges with inner peace and confidence
  • Gain a personal understanding of God’s promise of abundance for your life
  • Find comfort and confidence through God’s Word
  • Deepen your faith and experience consistent inner peace

You don’t have to suffer through circumstances. Buy this eBook devotional to start resting in God’s peace and overcoming adversity through His strength.


Trading Religion for Relationship

From Battles to Encounters with the loving Father

What kind of relationship do you have with God? Is it a business-type relationship, where you just show up, do whatever the Bible says you should do, and go home? Is it a relationship built on guilt and shame, where you live in fear of God’s punishment if you do the wrong thing?

In Trading Religion for Relationship, Dr. Marianne Herr recounts how, through challenging phases of her life, she discovered that God doesn’t want us to live transactionally or in fear of Him. He loves us more than we can ever comprehend and wants to have a heart-to-heart relationship with us.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Experience God’s unconditional Love, even when you make a wrong decision
  • Rest in God’s presence to prevent burnout
  • Find hope in a situation that feels hopeless
  • Replace despair with joy
  • Live in an ongoing and intimate relationship with God
  • Stop performing “religious duties” and start living in His presence
  • Feel harmony and peace no matter the circumstances

If you’re ready to experience God’s love more profoundly in your life, buy this eBook today.

Created for More E-Book Cover

Booklet (PDF)

Created for More

Three Steps and 24 Questions to Move You Forward and Change your World

Do you feel like there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing? Have you discovered your unique, God-given purpose? Have you set goals but have a hard time reaching them?

Created for More is a free eBook that gives you the 3 steps you need to follow and the 24 questions you need to answer for a more meaningful life as a Christian.

Deepen your faith and discover greater confidence and assurance in God so you can start living the life He has called you to live.