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Hi, I am Marianne,

Thank you for stopping by. Would you like to explore what it means to be Created for More? Every great accomplishment started with a vision and the willingness to let go of what you are accustomed to and venture into the unknown, knowing that God is your invisible guide and protector.

Do you feel there must be more? More to life? More of you in your life? More satisfaction, fulfillment, peace, harmony, and joy? You are right. THERE IS MORE. God created you for more.

• Are you in a job you do not like and need a change?

• Are you an empty nester that is looking for a new plan in life?

• Did you just retire and ask, “what´s next?”

• Has a big challenge overthrown your life, and do you need to find direction?

• Do you need help to build your business but don’t know the next step?

• Do you want to be able to enrich the lives of those around you but lack the “know-how”?

• Do you lack the confidence and clarity to move towards your goal?

Are you ready,

• To become unstuck and move forward towards your most prominent dream?

• To say goodbye to disorder and disharmony and create harmony in life like a beautiful symphony orchestra?

• From “what next?” to an exciting new plan for life?

• To find the action steps to overcome challenges?

• To get rid of the victim mindset and discover your authentic self?

With the Created for More coaching program, I accompany you through the easy and more challenging steps and stretches to reach your goals. Together we will work out action steps, fitted and personalized for your situation.

By encouraging and cheering you on, you will discover the strength to change the ways you see yourself and to see the great possibilities God had placed into you when He created you.


Eagles fly high and effortlessly.

Let me assist you in finding God’s thermals and soaring like an eagle.

Let life be more prosperous, more fulfilling, and effortless.

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Be inspired by the following quotes:

About Dr. Marianne Herr

My Mission:
You are precious and uniquely gifted with an incredible gift mix from the Creator Himself. Discover, Develop, refine, and use those God-given abilities; the key to unfolding your potential and enabling you to step into your God-ordained place of authority to impact your life and the lives of others. Did you ever ask yourself what God and you would do together? With God at your side, there are no limitations. God can turn failure into success, and you become fearless. Begin to dream without limits. My joy is to encourage you to leave your place of dissatisfaction and see you move towards your God-given dreams and purpose. As your coach, I would love to journey with you towards all that God had in mind when He created and equipped you to lead a life of fulfillment and victory with Him. There is a perfect plan starting today. Your story, your voice, your journey are valuable today. Let's connect. Discover how the “Created for More coaching program” will help you.

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The Free Download encourages the reader to make changes toward a successful life.

Three steps, changing perspective, changing perception, and changing thinking-feeling-acting, will move you towards more confidence and assurance to reach for your goal and fulfill your purpose.

Twenty-four questions challenge you to examine if your way of seeing is in alignment with the Father God’s way of seeing you.

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Does That Sound Familiar to You?

Your feelings of dissatisfaction are no mistake. They are God calling you to get up and move on.

There is so much potential that is still lying dormant.

Your God-given gifts and talents are waiting to be discovered and developed. They are the tools for a life of great purpose, joy, and satisfaction.

In the parable of the talents God gave gifts and talents and expected them to be used to increase His Kingdom.

God is not limited in building His Kingdom.

It increases each time that a person is reached for the Lord, a ministry has been initiated, the business has started or service of help has been developed.

You are as creative as God is creative.

Use your creativity to further His Kingdom.

There is always a way out and up to no matter what your current life situation looks like.

 Circumstances are never a hindrance in the eyes of God. On the contrary, He uses every circumstance to prosper you. 

God who owns everything also owns your situation. He is in your circumstance and desires to journey with you.

God is not only with you He is also for you. He is at your side and on your side.

His plans for you are greater than you think. They are plans to prosper you.

With God, you can dare to dream again and believe that your God-given dreams will begin to manifest as you dare to journey along easy and difficult paths, one step at the time, towards your God-ordained purpose.

If the above questions and answers resonate with you you have come to the right place.

I am an expert in helping and encouraging you to leave your place of dissatisfaction and move according to God’s calling towards the life of your God-given dreams and purpose.

I would love to be your coach to guide you on the way towards the place of your God-given authority, making full use of everything that God has deposited inside of you and prepared for you to walk in.

Let’s connect, let me help you find the perfect plan that God has prepared for you.

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Let’s connect, choose a date for a free inquiry session!

Your Story and Your Journey Matter.

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